Monday 2 February 2015

Recycling an old frame by changing the painting inside

Frames for paintings don't come cheap. Hence if I am unhappy with some old painting of mine, I simply create another one of the same size and replace it with the old one. The painting below sized 8" X 13" created on Canson Mi Tentes paper will fit in one of my long Frames made of fibreboard.
The frame is made of fibreboard and is lightweight and durable.

The painting below is of a tree view from Matheran, a hill station close to Mumbai. I have done the same tree close up in soft pastels earlier. But this particular photograph with the foliage around it also seemed like a good composition and moreover it was going to fit well in my old frame, so I decided to go ahead with this once again.

Soft pastel painting of Matheran Landscape by Manju Panchal

Size 8" X 13"
Soft Pastel painting on Canson paper

Recycling an old frame by creating a new painting for it. By Manju Panchal

Painting with brown mountboard around it
To be fitted in old frame as shown below

Soft pastel painting of Flowers in vase to be replaced by a new painitng

I normally do the framing myself which is not a very difficult task. Someday I will blog about it.
The "Flowers in vase" painting which I removed from the old frame is stored in safe place as of now and some day I may do a little touch up on it to give it a fresh lease of life. 

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