Friday 13 February 2015

Getting my pastel palette organised.

I have already made a post earlier on how I go about cleaning my broken pastels in the pastel palette. After a few weeks of use all the pastels gather a whole lot of dust and since they are all
 in the same palette, the sides of each pastel also take up dust from different coloured pastels.
This makes it very difficult to recognize the actual colour. Hence from time to time I drop the
broken pastel pieces in a bowl of old rice and shuffle it thoroughly which cleans up the sides of
each pastel to quite an extent.

Pastel palette to be cleaned up ( Artist Manju Panchal )

Before the clean up

After the clean up, the pastels organised as per their colours.

I use pastels of different brands and I find it a lot convenient to put small pieces of each brand 
together in a small flat tray which is more convenient to use rather than hunting the right colour from the different boxes. The brands I use right now are MUNGYO, GALLERY and KOH-I-NOOR.

Everytime after the cleanup I make a promise to myself that I will lift the pastel and keep it back in its right place but when I get started with my art work all is forgotten and it does not take long for the mess up to repeat. It is very difficult to keep oneself to organised.

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