Wednesday 28 May 2014

Water colour painting of Ladakh landscape by Manju Panchal

This is my second water colour painting of Ladakh landscape. As mentioned in my earlier post I have taken a few photographs from a friend who visited Ladakh and using the photograph as reference I am doing a few water colour works using Wet on Wet technique.

I have made a few alterations with respect to the colour of the shadows in comparison to the original
photograph in order to enhance the brightness of the painting. This view of the snow clad mountains
is on the way to ladakh and it speaks so much of the heavenly place existiing in our country.
A must visit for all nature lovers.

The paper I used for this art work is Indian hand made paper and the paints used are Winsor and Newton.
I have started liking the Indian hand made paper as it is very reasonable and works very well for
wet on wet technique. It holds water for reasonably good time as compared to cartridge sheet.
Soon I will start using my collection of FABRIANO and CAMPAP paper too which I purchased some time back. Most of the imported good quality papers are easily available at HIMALAYA STATIONERY at
Fort. Their official website has all information regarding products and prices.

water colour painting of ladakh landscape by Manju Panchal

The Majestic Mountains
Water colour painting on Indian hand made paper
Size 8" X 11" ( including mountboard )

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