Friday 9 May 2014

Painting a Tree Trunk - Soft Pastel work

My landscape painting from my Coorg reference photographs continues and this particular tree was
right in front of the Homestay where we stayed on three different occasions. The colours, the
textures were so fascinating that keeping the tree in focus I have eliminated lot of other elements from the photograph and given a blurred background. the far distance is again covered by beautiful hills.
With this particular soft pastel painting I learnt to manipulate the photograph to add and subtract few
elements and to create a work which I want to see. The viewer I feel should be left
to analyse his interpretation of the painting.

soft pastel painting of tree trunk

Textured tree trunk
Soft Pastels on Canson Mi Tentes paper.
Size 12" X 16" ( Including the mount board )
Available for sale

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