Wednesday 14 May 2014

Storing thumbnail sketches - My way

Thumbnail sketches by Manju Panchal ( My way of storing them )

I have already posted in detail about thumbnail sketches,OR small sketches Or mini sketches.
You can go to the post by clicking here I have a good collection of thumbnail sketches and I refer to them from time to time. These sketches take a very short time to complete and give me a lot of satisfaction.
To solve the issue of storing them I took out some of my old albums ( present day situation, most of my photos are digital and I do not print out all of them ) and filled them up with my thumbnail sketches.

These sketches are all different mediums, like soft pastels on black paper, white pastels on black paper etc.
But it is fun to go through one's work in leisure.

storing of small paintings and thumbnail sketches done in charcoals and soft pastels

As shown in the image above where the album is on extreme left. I have taken 2 images of opened up albums where my four different sketches can be seen. All paintings are done on ordinary black paper using soft pastels. It is not that this method will totally help in avoiding the smudging ,but I am quite happy with this way of storing because I can put 36 and that is a large number of my works in just one album.
At some time if I feel that some particular one is really good and I need to give it a final touch then I simply remove it carefully, spray little fixative over it and then add one more layer of pastels over it. 

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