Thursday 29 May 2014

Still life painting - An onion and a potato

Still life painting by Manju Panchal

I take frequent breaks while doing my bigger, serious art works. During these breaks I kind of refresh 
myself by using the oppurtunity at hand to do still life paintings. It always and definitely is a very good quick painting exercise. Some days back I painted these two small works of an onion and a potato.

Painting an onion, everytime poses a little challenge. The colours have to be right. It helps to learn a lot 
about colour mixing. I have almost always done fruits, so this time I moved away from my comfort
zone and decided to do both the potato and an onion, the basic requirement in any Indian cooking.

The paper used is Indian hand made paper and Colours used are Camel artists water colour tubes. 

still life painting of an onion and a potato by Manju Panchal

Both the still life paintings above are pretty small study works.
Size 4" X 5" ( Excluding the mountboard )

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