Sunday 4 December 2016

Santorini Greece - water colour study works in my sketch book

Water colour study works on cartridge sheets

Some time back I posted about my sketch book in which I create small water colour works . I added a few more works in the same book referring to photographs sent to me by a friend who recently visited Santorini, Greece. The blue traditional doors and the pink bougainvillea flowers around it, casting beautiful shadow patterns on the white wall look so amazing and I could not resist painting them. For the study purpose I have used the water colour medium but some day later I shall recreate them in soft pastels too.

The size of each of these paintings is 4" X 5.5" and I call them "Study works" as I have done them at a great speed with very loose brushstrokes in an attempt to get a better understanding of the subject.

Water colour study work of a door from Santorini, Greece. By Manju Panchal

Water colour study work of a blue window in Santorini, Greece by Manju Panchal

Water colour study work of a door and bougainvillea flowers from Santorini, Greece. By Manju Panchal

Small water colour study works
of scenes from Santorini, Greece
Created in my sketch book.

My Sketch book
with 40 Cartridge sheets in it.

Sable hair brushes from Himalaya Fine Art
A Stationery shop at Fort, Mumbai

Painting small works in the Sketch Book is total fun. There is absolutely no fear of  going wrong or ruining a painting and probably this freedom to paint freely and loosely helps me to enjoy and learn better. Learning for me is a part of my art journey. It has no boundaries or limits. There is a lot to do and a lot to learn. 

Albert Einstein said, "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."

I fully agree with the above statement. Each and everyone of us irrespective of age and other factors must continue working at whatever he/she loves. It changes life for the better and makes life so much more meaningful.

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