Saturday 10 December 2016

Portrait of a woman on Canson Mi Teintes paper

Portrait sketching in charcoal and white pastel pencil.

The portrait below is a happy smiling face of a young lady from Rajasthan, with a beautiful traditional silver nose ring and a sparkle in her eyes. Each piece of jewelry worn by a woman has its own significance. What I love about the jewelry is its uniqueness and beauty.

To me, portrait sketching is more than just rendering the strokes using different pencils. It is more about capturing the emotion. The most challenging part apart from getting the anatomy right, is to bring life into the face through the eyes. The eyes speak it all.

Portrait of a Rajasthani woman on Canson Mi Teintes paper, by Manju Panchal

The smile
Portrait sketch on Canson paper
Size 4.5" X 5.5"

"Drawing is the best way to meditate, while staying connected to the world around us." 
Elsha Leventis

This quote sounds so perfect as I personally believe in every word of it. During my art workshops too I come across participants who share the same feeling. Drawing and painting, they say keeps them busy and happy.

I have my "Two days Charcoal workshop" coming up on the 17th and 18th of this month in which I will be mostly demonstrating landscapes using willow charcoal and other charcoal pencils. I take a very small group of three people so that each participant gets individual attention. If you wish to know more about it you can write to me at 

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