Tuesday 5 July 2016

White pastel pencil sketching on Strathmore paper

A beautiful, inspiring Quote...
"Learning never exhausts the mind." Leonardo Da Vinci

Sometime back I posted my white pastel sketching of a Mountainscape which I created on
Strathmore 400 series black paper. I enjoyed creating the sketch and had it in mind to create
a few more in the same series because I felt that this is a simple sketching process which is not 
very time consuming and in return helps to understand the unique aspects of each mountain range with respect to scale, form, value and detail. 

For the sketching below I have once again used the snow mountains as a reference. The source of light is from the left which helps in deciding on the light and the dark values. The black colour of the paper acts as the darkest value. 

White pastel pencil sketching on black paper by Manju Panchal

The slopes
White pastel pencil sketching on black paper
Size 4.5"X 5.5"

I have used three different pastel pencils to complete this work namely Conte, General and Cretacolour. In the initial stage I use only Conte as it is lighter and much smoother in
comparison to General and Cretacolour.

white pastel pencils Conte, Cretacolour and General's.

Conte, Cretacolour and General white pastel pencil

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