Thursday 16 June 2016

Trying out Daler Rowney willow charcoal

The charcoal sketching as below is a small "Study work" that I created recently to check out a
new "Paper" and a new set of willow charcoal set from "Daler Rowney". I purchased the set
with medium sized willow charcoal sticks. My present brand which is from China is fairly good
but it smudges a lot and is too smooth on the paper.

Since I was going to try out a new charcoal tool I also remembered having purchased a set of
Brustro Drawing and Sketching papers during "SALE" which was lying unused in my
cupboard. Therefore I used this new paper, Daler Rowney charcoal accompanied by charcoal
powder and my regular Charcoal pencil to create this simple beach scene from Bamboo island,

In conclusion, I enjoyed using this new brand of willow charcoal. It is coarse, does not smudge
heavily, creates bold strokes and is definitely helpful to create initial study works to understand
the value gradation in a scene.

Charcoal sketching study work of a beach from Bamboo island, By Manju Panchal

Charcoal sketching on Brustro drawing and sketching paper
Size 4.5" X 5.5"

Daler Rowney willow charcoal ( medium sized sticks )

Daler Rowney Medium sized willow charcoal sticks

The willow charcoal can be used to create many different types of strokes as can be seen from the
image below. I personally like the charcoal medium a lot and therefore adding on new products in
my list of tools is always a welcome change.

Daler Rowney willow charcoals - strokes created by it.

A small piece of Daler Rowney willow charcoal and 
some strokes that can be created by using it.

Brustro drawing and sketching pad, Acid free paper

Brustro Drawing and Sketching pad

The Brustro Sketching and drawing paper is from Italy. It is a 200 gsm acid free paper and I have 
loved the overall effect of charcoal on this paper. I am definitely going to try out a few more
sketches on this paper. It is available on Amazon.

Beautiful quote.
"Talent is cheap: dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life." Irving Stone

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