Wednesday 1 July 2015

Mona Lisa in charcoal - a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci

As we move on in life, we get inspired and motivated by lot of people. Leonardo da Vinci, ( 1452 - 1519 ) is one such artist from the past who not only painted but was also one of the greatest anatomists of his time. He made discoveries in the 16th century that would take the rest of the world 5 centuries to discover. 

I recently came across an article written by Clayton Cogmon Jr and got to see some beautiful drawings and sketches done by Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa is one of his best works till today and I remembered having done it many years back when I was learning the charcoal medium. 
Back then I used charcoal powder, Ambassador charcoal pencil and blending tools on Scholar drawing paper. Ambassador pencil is no more available these days and I have shifted to Conte and Primo pencils.

Copy of Mona Lisa by leonardo da vinci by Manju Panchal

Copy of Mona Lisa
Charcoal painting on Scholar drawing paper

Now when I look at the Mona Lisa created by me in the past, I realise that I need to work a little on the face. However to have attempted a detailed work like this years back in order to get an understanding of using the charcoal medium reminds me of the patience and determination
with which I pursued my art and this encourages me further to continue my passion
of drawing, sketching and painting.

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