Thursday 9 June 2016

The Golden waterfall from Iceland - A soft pastel painting.

I am posting my third soft pastel painting in "Iceland" series and as I mentioned earlier I am
creating them with reference to photographs taken by my husband while he was there. The 
painting is another view of Gullfoss waterfall depicting the beauty of nature and the force 
with which it flows ahead, a never ending journey.

The photograph was pretty dull as it was shot on a rainy day, so I went through couple of video's 
to get an idea about the colours to be filled in. I created two different thumbnail sketches before starting this one yet I realised that the perspective in this painting was a bit challenging. Looks 
like a three point perspective. Nevertheless I just about managed to complete it and will have to 
do my "STUDY" on three point perspective.

Instead of using my regular black paper I decided to go with the orange Canson Mi Teintes 
paper. The colour of the paper can be seen through at places but it does not bother me any more.
It adds to a little warmth. 

Original soft pastel painting of Gulfoss waterfall in Iceland, By Manju Panchal

The Golden Waterfall
Soft pastel painting on Canson paper
Size 8.5" X 10" 

To view my previous work on Gullfoss CLICK here. Waterfall is a new subject to me and I
am working on it, one step at a time. I have started a new painting inspired by "Niagara Falls".

I paint what I love and a painting well completed is my biggest reward. Some paintings happen 
in a short span of time and others take long, testing your patience. In haste, I have ruined
many paintings in the past. End of the day it feels good I know I have created something
meaningful on a blank piece of paper. It is like a story unfolding itself. 

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