Saturday 19 March 2016

Back to ART and BLOGGING after a long break.

It feels good to be back at art and blogging after a long break. I have been busy travelling and
attending to a lot more personal work.

After a break, I always restart with my artwork with charcoal medium. It is almost like 
getting into basics once again. The tonal value study, and use of just few tools makes it a lot 
easier too. I am doing a tree trunk with exposed roots on toned paper ( Trying out a new
colour this time instead of the regular grey ) which will complete by tomorrow.

In the meantime I am posting a soft pastel work which I completed last month but did not get 
time to post it. It is with reference to a beautiful photograph taken by my friend's niece at 
Florence falls, Melbourne. The photograph reminded me so much of Langkawi, which had 
similar rocks and atmosphere. 

Soft pastel painting of scene at Florence falls, Melbourne. By Manju Panchal

At Florence Falls, Melbourne
Soft pastel painting on Canson paper
Size 6" X 8"

Art Lounge, the art stationery shop at Churchgate is holding its annual sale from 17th of this
month and this will continue till may be the 16th of next month. I visit Art Lounge every year
for my Canson Mi Teintes paper which I use a lot for my soft pastel work. Unfortunately it is
not available at ART STATION which is a shop close to my place.

Like any other artist I have a big collection of art materials at my place be it brushes, pastels,
charcoals or papers. Despite this fact I would still visit the sale for the following

General soft charcoal pencil
General soft white pastel pencil
Canson Mi Teintes paper (  Grey and black shade )
Koh-I-Noor individual soft pastels ( Vandyke brown, few greens and blues )
Water soluble graphite ( I have recently started using this and it is lot of fun )
Canson water colour paper ( Want to try it out )
Canson c a grain paper ( I use this for my charcoal works )
General charcoal powder ( Have read good reviews about it so may buy it this time )

Certain things that I buy is a one time investment. For example the charcoal powder by General
comes in a big bottle so I may not have to buy it for a long long time. This year, Art Lounge is
also selling some premium quality water colour brushes like ESCODA, Winsor and Newton etc
so I may have a look around at them too.

Charcoal powder by General

The charcoal powder jar by

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