Wednesday 23 March 2016

Using water soluble graphite sticks by Camlin ( 2B, 4B, 6B )

I mentioned in my last post about the water soluble graphite sticks from Camlin that I 
purchased recently from ART STATION. It has three broad diameter graphite sticks ie 2B, 
4B and 6B. The tip is pretty blunt and difficult to use for strokes, so I have sharpened the 4B 
stick for creating sharp strokes.

using water soluble graphite sticks by Camlin

For a better understanding of a new medium or art stationery, I safely go to creating small
study works in my sketching book which has cartridge sheets. I have written about this book
earlier too. It is available for Rs 65/- at ART STATION, is convenient to use and carry.

Small sketch book with cartridge sheets used for study works by Manju Panchal

Small travel sketch book
with cartridge sheets.

This is my third sketch book and I plan to buy many more. Using the water soluble graphite sticks
I created many different landscape sketches and I am posting four of them as below. Study
sketches ( 4"X 5") mean a lot to me as I get to understand the new medium, the techniques
that I can use. I get to experiment on small works so that when I plan to prepare a larger work 
I know for sure the strokes that will work. Also I get to develop my own style.

What I enjoyed about using the water soluble graphite sticks is that I get to involve myself in the
water colour painting technique as well as the tonal study work which happens brilliantly with
graphite on white paper. As a preliminary work before starting a bigger work, this will definitely
help. In other words I am getting addicted to this medium.

Small landscape study works created using water soluble graphite sticks by Camlin. By Manju Panchal

Small landscape study works created using
water soluble graphite sticks by Camlin.

Water soluble Graphite sticks can be used in the following ways, ( From my experience )
  • Create sketch and run a wet brush over it.
  • While the sketch is wet, create more strokes with dry tip of graphite stick. ( you get darker strokes )
  • The graphite tip can be made wet by dipping in water and it can be applied on dry paper.
  • Once the first layer is dry more sketching can be done to create different values and again a wet brush can be applied on it.
  • In the final layers, few strokes of dark graphite can be created and left as it is, which will give the landscape its texture at places where it is required ex trees, mountains and rocks etc.
Graphite soluble pencils are also sold by other brands like CRETACOLOUR, WINSOR and NEWTON , KOH_I_NOOR etc. I may want to purchase a set of pencils later but will do so
after reading a lot of reviews by other artists. As of now for the price that I got CAMLIN graphite sticks, I am pretty happy using it.

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