Saturday 6 February 2016

Demo works of forest scenes created during my ART WORKSHOP

I recently conducted my usual Two days soft pastel workshop. The first day is like a warm up 
for the participants where in they understand all about the soft pastel medium, the papers, the techniques etc. and then go on to create simple works like seascape and landscape with mountains. 

On the second day I normally go about doing demo works of forest scenes, wherein I explain 
my step by step technique that I follow to create a landscape starting with the sky,
followed by the trees, bushes, the pathway etc. The painting technique that I follow normally
completes in two layers of soft pastels.

These demo works are normally completed in a duration of thirty to forty minutes each and
I add a few details here and there once the workshop is complete. Both the demo works as seen
below are done on Canson Mi Teintes paper are done with reference to my photographs from
Coorg. ( Madikeri )

soft pastel demo work created during a two days workshop by Manju panchal

soft pastel demo work created during a two days workshop by Manju panchal

Two soft pastel demo works done during
a Two days soft pastel workshop.

Since I am working a lot with soft pastels these days, I decided to experiment and explore.
I used a Prussian blue coloured hand made paper ( with textured surface ) and created a 
seascape on it using soft pastels with an underpainting created using wet brush
 on pastels. Just an experiment to check out if pastels work good on
 handmade textured paper. Will post the image of my experimental work soon.

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