Friday 10 July 2015

Tree from Lonavala - sketching on toned paper

"Drawing is not the same as form; it is a way of seeing form." Edgar Degas

During my last visit to Lonavala, I came across some tree trunks with beautiful forms and shapes and interesting textures of the bark. I always marvel at "Nature's creations". There is so much art all around us. So perfect and so beautiful.

I decided to do the tree trunk on a textured steel grey hand made paper that I had recently
 picked up from Sun Enterprises at Bora Bazaar, Fort. This shop has a variety of hand
 made papers and some of them can be used for charcoals and pastels. One has to try
them out.

Original charcoal and white pastel painting of a tree trunk by Manju Panchal

Tree Trunk
Charcoal and pastel painting on hand made paper
Size 6" x 8"

Posting an image of the three tools used to create this art work.

A. Camel soft charcoal pencil
B. General white pastel pencil
C. Kneaded eraser

Hope this helps. Thanks for browsing through my works and if you like my works please do leave your comments. 

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