Monday 6 July 2015

Creating a portrait using graphite pencil

During my solo exhibition in 2006 at Gallerie Leela, I created mainly portraits in acrylic and charcoals. Some of the works consisted of beautiful Indian faces with traditional jewellery.

The image below is of a pencil portrait which I discovered in one of my folders and it was partly incomplete. Therefore I spent a little time in completing it and it felt very good to be doing a
portrait after such a long time. Human anatomy has always been a very challenging subject and
it requires a whole lot of observation and understanding of the underlying bone structure. 
This work was started by me on Favini paper, which presently I do not use much. This paper
was brought by my husband and I have used most of it. So presently I am more into using
Canson paper for all my charcoal and graphite works. 

Looking Ahead
Pencil sketching on FAVINI paper
Size 5.5" x 7.5"

A change of subject from the normal routine of creating artworks helps a great deal. It refreshes the mind and one can think clearly devoid of saturation. Under normal circumstances, 
at any time I am always involved with more than one work. The reason being, if I 
come across some hurdles and cannot move further then I readily shift to my other 
painting rather than overworking on my artwork to ruin it further. That way, I can 
always come back to the older painting after having thought about a solution to proceed
 further to rectify the problem.

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  1. Can I get a full pencil sketch of gujrati traditional costume for both man and woman