Thursday 2 July 2015

Combining Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Past few days have been busy as I have personal commitments and other work like designing 
NAMEPLATES for the wall. Under these circumstances I feel it convenient to create charcoal works and check out ideas that have been playing on my mind for long.

Tried charcoal sketching on 8" x 10" canvas board referring to a scene at Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh. I have mainly used willow charcoal and Camel pencil in the first image. 

Original charcoal painting of landscape from Narkanda by Manju Panchal

A scene from Narkanda ( Himachal Pradesh )
Charcoal work on canvas

Since this is more of an experimental work, I went one step further and added black acrylic paint in certain areas to add depth. Charcoal is not water soluble which caused a lot of discomfort while adding it on as second layer.  Therefore probably in my next experimental series I shall try putting a thin layer of acrylic coat in the beginning itself.

Original charcoal and acrylic painting of landscape from Narkanda by Manju Panchal

Charcoal and acrylic work on canvas

After completing the work I sprayed it heavily with fixative in order to avoid glass during framing.

Painting everyday is my resolution every night before I go to sleep. The day to day art that I create to capture the simple scenes of nature that appeal to me, gives me immense pleasure. My art endeavors has also brought me close to more people of "MY KIND" who love anything about art. This interaction with the art community adds to the excitement and fun and life gets a new definition.
That's the reason I always say " I am living my dream by drawing, painting and sketching every day of my life."

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