Wednesday 8 July 2015

Beautiful face of a woman from Kutch ( Gujarat ) - a pencil sketching

Posting below yet another portrait rendered in pencil. The sketching is done on FAVINI paper and I have used two different pencils for the same. Normal 2B and a 6B pencil. I am working on yet another portrait of similar kind. Beautiful faces from Kutch , adorned with jewellery made of silver and other beads. 

Favini is an acid free paper with two different usable sides. One has textured surface and the other side is smooth. For any portrait sketching I always use the smooth side of the paper.

Original pencil sketching of a portrait of a kutch woman by Manju Panchal

A Glimpse
Pencil sketching on Favini paper
Size 6" x 6"

If I were to frame this work, I would use an offwhite matt board around it ( neutral colour )
and a thin black fibreboard frame around it. This painting will require glass over it for protection.
Pencil sketches do not smudge as much as soft pastels, hence I have not used any fixative over it.

Spanish artist , Pablo Piccaso said, " In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt."

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