Friday 13 November 2020

Online Charcoal drawing Class/Workshop using Zoom App

“Drawing is the ‘bones’ of art. You have to be able to walk before you can run.” Dion Archibald

 Charcoal is probably one of the oldest art materials and is very versatile in nature as a medium. It helps an artist do quick drawings in expressive strokes and the final black and white artwork is so impressive that one easily gets addicted to it. I am one of them. I took to this medium about twenty years back and I continue to be fascinated by it. Some of the advantages of this medium which I feel I need to share with the viewers are as following-

  • Great help in creating tonal value drawings
  • Helps simplify a complicated scene
  • The bold, sweeping strokes helps an artist develop his/ her unique style
  • Being a dry medium, it is easy to make corrections 
  • Very Economical
  • Can be carried easily for outdoor/ plein air works
  • It is a fast medium to work with ( Especially if one is doing preliminary study works )

Before the COVID lockdown, I was busy taking private workshops at my studio at home. However now I have started “Online Charcoal drawing and sketching workshop” using ZOOM app. 

Apart from teaching the basics involved in creating a charcoal artwork, I shall also demonstrate step by step, one of the charcoal drawings as shown below. It will be a very interactive session wherein I shall be answering all the queries pertaining to this medium and will also share my personal tips and techniques which I have developed over a period of time. If you wish to attend my charcoal workshop in a group or one on one basis, mail me at or call me at 91- 9082690127

Charcoal demo painting during online charcoal workshop using zoom app

Charcoal demo painting during online charcoal workshop using zoom app

Charcoal demo painting during online charcoal workshop using zoom app

Some of the basic tools that I shall be using during my demonstration 
for creating the charcoal sketch 

A . Soft piece of cloth used for blending purpose
B. Kneaded Eraser
C.Tortillon ( blending tool )
D. Charcoal powder
E. General very soft charcoal pencil
F. Camlin soft charcoal pencil
G. Willow charcoal 

Most of the above mentioned materials are easily available on online stationery stores like AMAZON

CLICK HERE to read in detail about the charcoal tools as I have already created a post in the past.

Follow my latest works and techniques on INSTAGRAM , where in I post my latest artworks regularly. 


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