Monday 2 June 2014

White soft pastel painting - still life composition by Manju Panchal

This White soft pastel painting on black paper is done in a loose manner, more of study work, to get an idea of the folds of a cloth and the shading involved in creating the depth. 

Moreover I wanted to check out the white pastel work on FABRIANO ELLE ERRE paper. This paper is rough on one side and has horizontal in built lines on the other side which gives a textured effect on the art works created on it.

I created this composition by placing the metallic container and the cloth on top of a tall wooden 
shoe rack and then I let the light from my living room window fall on it. it is great fun to create a 
painting from a live subject in front of you.

The folds
Soft pastel on Fabriano elle erre paper

The Fabriano Elle Erre paper is available in many different colours and are quite good
to work on if you are into soft pastels.

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