Monday 2 June 2014

Water colour painting - demo work by Manju Panchal

Water colour painting WORKSHOP - Demo work

Created this water colour painting as a quick demo work, avoiding too many details. 
Since the technique used is wet on wet, the painting gets completed in about fifteen to twenty minutes
but to get things right one has to have real control over the water and colours in the brush.
once the colours are rendered it is difficult to erase the mistakes as in other mediums.

This water colour painting of a beautiful landscape with the evening sky is done on a small sized Indian handmade paper using Camel artists quality water colours.

The painting got completed in two layers. In the second layer glazing was done, and even wet on dry
technique was used.

water colour painting of a landscape done as a demo work by Manju panchal

The Evening Sky
Water colour painting on Indian handmade paper

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