Tuesday 24 June 2014

From water colour to pastels - A seascape by Manju Panchal

Originally a water colour painting, gone wrong for many different reasons. It happens when one is experimenting with new paper, new medium, and many other factors.

Thankfully I work in many different mediums, hence I kept this aside for a few days and then one fine day
used my pastels to set it right. So now it is a seascape painting with a layer of water colours underneath and another layer of soft pastels as a final coating . I have not applied fixative to this art work so as to retain the luminosity of the colours. The paper I was trying is CAMPAP , and the pastels I have used are a mix of MUNGYO and KOH I NOOR brands.

watercolour and soft pastel painting of seascape by Manju Panchal

Rocks at the shore
Watercolour and soft pastel painting on CAMPAP paper

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