Monday 30 June 2014

Two small sketches using General charcoal pencil

Charcoal and white pastel pencil sketches 

I have had General's soft charcoal pencil since long. Wanted to give it a try in my latest charcoal works.

general's charcoal pencil

Charcoal pencil by GENERAL

I never get tired of sketching new still life subjects. Drawing and sketching , I personally feel play a key role in the growth of an artist. This time I have used the grey rough surface of ordinary chart paper to create charcoal and soft pastel work. In some of my earlier works I have made constant use of CONTE charcoal pencil, however in these two sketches I finally tried out the GENERAL charcoal pencil and I loved its smoothness and rendering. The whites in the sketch are created using white chalk and white pastel pencil.

Two charcoal sketchings using general charcoal pencil by Manju Panchal

1.Lime and steel bowl
2. Two tea cups

Two small still life sketches using
General's soft charcoal pencil
and white pastel chalk and pencil.

Most of my still life paintings are done by referring to the simple day today objects which are lying
 around us in the house. The light that falls on them creates beautiful shadows and the composition when set right can help create beautiful pieces of art.

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