Tuesday 17 June 2014

Graphite sketching of a tree by Manju Panchal

Anatomy of a tree - sketching in graphite and white pastel pencil

Always wanted to sketch a tree using graphite pencil and finally did it. It stands tall just outside my local Bank. Everytime I passed it I would spend a few moments appreciating the light and shadow playing on the tree trunk and branches. Last week I captured it on my mobile and today usiing normal graphite
pencil ( Camel  10 B ) and white pastel pencil created my FIRST tree sketch.

As I have begun doing landscapes, and trees being essential element in the composition, I feel the need
to understand the anatomy of a tree. What better way than to create live sketches of some beautiful
trees around us.

Graphite and white pastel sketching of a tree by Manju Panchal

Graphite and pastel sketching on Canson Mi Tentes paper
Size 7" X 9" ( Including mountboard )

Planning to do my next tree sketching using charcoal and white pastel chalk. 

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