Friday 13 June 2014

Thumbnail sketches done in water colours - by Manju Panchal

Loosely done water colour sketches

The five paintings done below have been done on different occasions on cartridge sheet using Camel artists water colours. They are more or less like study sketches or thumbnail sketches where I have used the brush
strokes very freely ( wet on wet technique ) just to get an overall idea about the results or what it would like
if I were to create it in a bigger size. 

There is a landscape, a foilage created using spray technique, a wet street scene, 
a slice of melon ( as placed on my dining table ) and the last one is done out of imagination. A wet road
with reflections. 

Thumbnail sketches of forest, slice of melon, wet street scene, foliage in water colours by Manju Panchal

I have used the App PicCollage to put together these five different sketches together.

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