Saturday 9 May 2015

On the way from Tabo to Dhankar monastery ( Himachal Pradesh )

The soft pastel painting below is of a view that we got to see while we were on our way to visit Dhankar Monastery from Tabo ( Another scenic town of Spiti valley ). Spiti valley is a bleak high altitude desert that inspired Rudyard Kipling to say, "Surely the gods live here, this is no place for men." Every turn of the road leads to a totally different view and life seems to be so much at peace.

The mountain cliffs with light falling on them, eroding with time as the loose soil falls below leaving sharp structures standing out, and the Spiti river flowing below.

Soft pastel painting of a view on the way from Tabo to Dhankar Monastery, By Manju Panchal

On the way to Dhankar Monastery
Soft pastel painting on black Fabriano Tiziano paper
Size 6" x 9"

Some day soon ie after my Exhibition I would love to try some water colour paintings.
One of my favourite and very inspiring water colour artists is Joseph Zbukvik
who is based in Melbourne, Australia and all his works are just amazing.

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