Thursday 19 March 2015

My experience at ART PLAZA

My exhibition at ART PLAZA was a great experience as it allowed me to interact with artists, art lovers, art enthusiasts, students etc. Among the visitors I also had tourists from different countries and it was great sharing knowledge and experince with them. In all it was a great exposure and I also sold a few works of mine.

I also got a very positive feedback regarding my style of work, my landscape compositions and my technique of handling the pastel medium. Now I can continue working with more focus and create bigger works for my next Exhibition which is coming up in May in Leela Gallerie. I may add a few charcoal paintings along with my soft pastel works.

Six days of Exhibition also helped me know a lot happening in the art circle and as and when I post an article, I will be adding the information which might be help others too.

Given below is one of the paintings which got sold and this particular one was very close to my heart as it was one of my initial soft pastel landscapes and I created it all the beautiful memories that I had while I was taking a morning walk in COORG. I am glad that my paintings have found beautiful homes. 

SOLD work. Soft pastel landscape of Coorg by Manju Panchal

The morning glow.
Sold work.
Soft Pastel on Canson paper

Fine artists Mr Devidas Kadam and Mr Pradip Raut , who are members of PLAZA ARTIST's ASSOCIATION were very helpful. The forms for booking the gallery will be available in first week of September.

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