Sunday 23 November 2014

Trees in monsoon - soft pastel work

Last time we visited Lonavala we drove to Karla where the MTDC tourism bunglows are situated and the area is very green with beautiful trees and shaded paths. Being monsoon season the lush greenary was evident all around. Having spent a great part of our lives in cities, we long to be amidst nature. I made use of the opportunity and clicked a whole lot of photographs which I wanted to convert into paintings which is precisely what I am doing these days.

Below is one such soft pastel painting which I created using my usual set of soft pastels. Every painting is a challenge in itself but when the mood is right I go ahead and give it a try. It is this process of trying out something different, that makes us go through some obstacles. It could be related to creating some details, getting the right values or the colour of shadows. The list is endless and at the end of it there is always some lesson learnt. This is the never ending journey of art. It begins fresh every morning and ends with some dramatic story in the evening.

Normally every evening I take small decisions regarding my next days routine ie the subject to be painted next, editing few photographs, some unfinished work to be completed etc etc. It helps. Not in completing all the jobs that I have decided to do but it activates my thinking process which I guess keeps me going non stop with my art work.
Soft pastel painting of trees in KARLA during monsoon, by Manju Panchal

Shadowed by greens
Soft Pastel Painting on Fabriano paper
© Manju Panchal

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