Wednesday 19 November 2014

Organising my soft pastel collection

Over a period of last few years I have purchased different brands of pastels in pursuit of finding a better one. This has led to a collection and the older ones are in broken pieces. As my last few paintings have been landscapes which require a lots of greens and browns etc, it was getting increasingly difficult to choose the right colour from different boxes. So I finally decided to collect all the small pieces of similar shades and arrange it together at one place in order to save my time and confusion. 

By arranging them all together now I can easily pick up the shade that I want as they are all close to one another and comparing one colour with the other gets a lot more easier. In addition it has helped reduce the chaos on my art table as I do not have to keep three different boxes around. The pastels below are a mix of MUNGYO, GALLERY and KOH-I-NOOR TOISON DOR

Arranging and organising different brands of soft pastels as per similar colours

Soft pastels arranged , with similar shades 
put together

After doing the first layer where in I block all the dark and light values, I normally spray the work with a fixative like Winsor and Newton and then go on to do my final layer which I leave unsprayed.

I also create ethnic Nameplates for the wall and other mixed media works which can be viewed in my blog .
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