Sunday 2 February 2014

Still Life painting of fruits - soft pastels

Both these still life paintings are done on fabriano paper. They are framed under glass, 
hence I have tried my best to photograph them without reflections.

6" X 6" ( without frame )
Soft pastels on fabriano paper

( The sweet lime were on my kitchen granite platform and the reflection was
so good, that I could not resist doing this work at night 9 pm or so. After the
first 2 coats, I finished the final touch up in the morning )

Size 6" X 6" ( without frame )
Soft Pastels on fabriano paper

This Pear was on my center table and the sunlight falling on it from the right was casting a 
beautiful shadow. So I did this particular painting by taking the top view of pear.

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