Wednesday 15 January 2014

Acrylic painting of a Beach scene by Manju Panchal

Acrylic Paintings are good to work with and the biggest advantage is that it dries up quickly and
one can see the end result immediately. Also from my experience I know that none of my acrylic 
paintings , some of which are as old as twenty odd years, have ever caught fungus. They are
still as bright and good as ever.

BUT the biggest disadvantage is that because it dries quickly blending becomes extremely tricky
and difficult especially if the subject is PORTRAITS or REALISTIC Still life works.

acrylic painting of a seashore by manju Panchal

Beautiful seashore
Framed size 13" X 15"
Acrylic on canvas
Available for sale

This is a recent work done by me. I have used Camel Artist's acrylic colours on canvas.

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