Sunday 21 June 2015

Using willow charcoal to create foliage

The scenes below are from Langkawi, Malaysia. We were at this beach Pantal Pasir Hitam, also called the Black Sand Beach, located about two kms to the west of Tanjung Rhu beach. This is a very peaceful stretch of beach stained with black sand. The colour is owing to mineral contents in the sand such as iron oxide.

Both the photographs which I took while at the beach, are my favourites. As an artist when I take a photograph it is always with the intention of painting the scene some day. Some scene just strikes a chord and the composition seems just perfect.

While on a holiday at times we are just rushing from one place to another and it is not always possible to create a study sketch on the spot. Hence the next best thing to do is use the photograph.

I chose these two photographs mainly because of the contrast, the light and the dark. It gave me an opportunity to use the willow charcoal to create the dark foliage against the light background

charcoal painting of a seascape from Langkawi by Manju Panchal

Hitting the shore
Charcoal painting
Size 6" x 8"

charcoal painting of a seascape from Langkawi by Manju Panchal

Charcoal painting
Size 5" x 7"

Quote : " Learning never exhausts the mind." by Leonardo da Vinci

Very inspiring quote and I continue to learn by my day to day art endeavours and experiments. 

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