Friday 19 June 2015

Painting a scene from Karnala in charcoal

Quick study work in Charcoal

A scene from Karnala Bird Sanctuary, a green hideaway close to Panvel. The scene as painted below in charcoal has been done using one of my photographs as reference. With aerial roots on the left, the scene appealed a lot to me and I felt the composition was quite good. 

I have made good use of willow charcoal in this artwork especially to create the foliage effect. When I am trying out something new using a new tool or technique I do it with a small size. It makes me feel comfortable. If it works good for me then I go ahead with a larger piece of work. In this particular work I have not spent any time creating each and individual leaf or fine details. I only wanted to capture the feel of the place, with trees, hanging roots and the dense foliage.

Charcoal sketching of a landscape scene from Karnala Bird Sanctuary by Manju Panchal

Aerial roots
Charcoal sketching on Canson ca grain paper
Size 4" x 5"

Charcoal tools used for sketching by Manju Panchal

The tools used in creating the above charcoal sketching.
 1. Camel very soft charcoal pencil
2. Staedtler charcoal pencil EE
3. Willow charcoal ( some chinese brand )
4. Kneaded putty or eraser

I have quite a variety of charcoal pencils but many a times for a particular landscape the requirement is for creating grass or foliage etc and that makes me decide which pencil to use. Each pencil is different in its own way. Some are smooth, others are a bit coarse and rough on the paper. The texture of the paper too makes me take a decision. 

I have introduced willow charcoal very recently in my artworks and I am enjoying it. It will take a little time to get used to it and to know its advantages as an additional tool. Once done I will post a write up about it.

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