Wednesday 24 June 2015

Papers I use for soft pastel paintings - Canson Mi Teintes and Fabriano Tiziano

When I initially started my soft pastel art I had just one choice of Fabriano Elle Erre paper which has parallel lines running across on its textured side. I was pretty happy then as I had not known any other papers by then and I went on to create lot of works on it.

Much later I came across Canson Mi Teintes paper and I was glad that it is available in India. Presently I buy my Canson papers from ART LOUNGE which is situated close to Churchgate station ( MUMBAI ). This paper comes in many different colours, from pastel shades to very dark ones. Canson paper was so much better than Elle erre paper that I decided to continue with just this paper.

Canson Mi Teintes has two sides and both of them can be used depending on what suits one's work. One side has smooth textured surface and the other side has a rough or honeycombed texture on it. Depending on what is the subject and the requirement one can use either of the sides. Though for most of my works I prefer the smooth surface.

Canson mi tentes, twilight paper, rough textured side

Canson Mi Teintes paper
Rough textured side of the paper

Canson mi tentes, twilight paper, smooth textured side

Canson Mi Teintes
Smooth side of the paper

Sometime last year I read the reviews about Fabriano Tiziano paper and FLIPKART happened to be selling it. So I ordered 2 pads of 14" x 16" paper. ( black colour ). After having used it I did not regret spending on it as it turned out pretty good. Just as Canson has two different textures on its two sides, Fabriano too has a rough and a smooth side. I prefer to use the smooth side for my landscapes.

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