Friday 5 June 2015

A foggy day - charcoal painting

Taking a break from soft pastel paintings. 

Created a landscape painting using Conte charcoal pencil and Camel soft charcoal pencil. This is a demo work which I did recently during my charcoal workshop. This was a good exercise to get an understanding of depth and perspective. The original photograph was edited in order to get a good composition.

original charcoal painting of a foggy day landscape by Manju Panchal

Foggy day
Demo charcoal painting on Canson ca grain paper
size 4" x 5"

Discovered an old graphite work done using 6B pencil on Fabriano Academia paper.
Made a few corrections on it. As an artist we always get tempted to make changes in older works because as we keep painting our knowledge, style, technique gets evolved and we feel like applying it on previous works. This kind of experimenting is fun.

Original graphite work on Fabriano Academia sheet , created by Manju Panchal

Two Bananas
Graphite sketching on Fabriano Academia paper
Size 4" x 4"

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