Monday 14 August 2017

Figurative watercolour painting

"You were born an original work of art. Stay original." Suzy Kassem

Today I am posting small water colour painting of a pretty young girl from Rajasthan. She sits, dressed up in her colourful attire, waiting probably for her friend to arrive so they can engage in some playful activity.

I started this painting quite some time back and it was a little incomplete. So I took out some time yesterday and did the needful. I have mostly used Winsor and Newton Cotman colours for this artwork. Portrait work as a subject, be it any medium, is very challenging. However I enjoy creating them. I plan to do many more and in the same series.

A water colour painting of a young girl from Rajasthan by Indian artist Manju Panchal

Waiting for a friend
Water colour painting on acid free paper
Size 5" X 7"

It feels good to be doing portrait works once again. I have reorganised my "Charcoal drawing tools" in a new box as I plan to initially create a few charcoal portraits on toned paper before getting into water colour portraits. Charcoal being a dry medium is more easy to handle as compared to water colours. Moreover it has been long since I last did a complete water colour portrait.  

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