Wednesday 1 February 2017

Cretacolour 8B Aquarelle Graphite/pencil drawings and paintings

"Without good drawing, the foundation of a painting will collapse." Ken Danby

In my post dated 27th January, I mentioned about my recently created artworks using Aquarelle graphite pencil. Posted below are some randomly selected works which I have created in the past month using a single Cretacolour 8B aquarelle graphite pencil. I purchased the set of 6 pencils from Amazon. 

Before getting into Cretacolour 8B pencil, I experimented with the Camlin water soluble graphite sticks. However I found it a more convenient option to use pencils.

water soluble graphite painting of a seashell

A seashell

aquarelle graphite/pencil drawing and painting of a gate at Santorini

A gate

water soluble graphite painting of trees by Manju Panchal


Cretacolour 8B water soluble graphite painting of a seashore by Manju Panchal

A scene from Phuket

water soluble graphite/pencil painting of a flower by Manju Panchal

A flower

As I am enjoying these small aquarelle graphite works sized 4" X 5.5", I have gone ahead and ordered a set of 4B aquarelle graphite too. The plan is to use them both in combination to get a better effect. 

You can browse through my charcoal and pastel artworks now at INSTAGRAM too.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have used aquarelle pencil in your art work, I would love to hear from you. Do leave a comment. 

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