Wednesday 10 June 2015

Confluence of Sutlej and Spiti river - Himachal Pradesh

While on Himachal trip as we proceeded from Kinnaur valley towards Spiti district we came across Khab bridge as seen in the photograph below. After crossing this bridge we followed the road which led us to Nako, our next destination in Spiti district.

This is the place where the two rivers Sutlej and Spiti meet. Spiti river is on the left of the bridge and cannot be seen in the photograph.

Khab bridge in Himachal ( kinnaur )

The Khab bridge in Himachal

As we cross the bridge and move on the left we come across the view ( as painted below ) entering the Hangrang valley. With the dry barren mountains on both the sides and the road leading forward, it was interesting to paint this scene in soft pastels.The view was intensely captivating and I remember spending quite some time here revering the beauty of nature and photographing at different angles. 

I decided to paint this scene in a very loose manner without getting into too many detailed strokes. Just wanted to get the feel of the place. These small works are a big help in getting to understand mountains, rocks and skies. New subjects are always challenging and I feel it is good to break the rhythm of doing the same subject for long as it stagnates the mind.

Soft pastel painting of a landscape from Himachal by Manju Panchal

Enroute Spiti District
Soft pastel painting
Size 6" x 8"

I have used a grey coloured Canson mi tentes paper for this pastel work and worked with very limited colours from my pastel palette.

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