Saturday 12 April 2014

Cape Leeuwin - water colour painting by Manju Panchal

One of my close friends visited Cape Leeuwin last year and while I was looking at all her personal 
photographs clicked during the vacation I was captivated by the beautiful place so I decided to borrow some of the photographs and refer to them to create water colour paintings. Regarding the place Cape Leeuwin I am putting in a little information down below COURTESY - WIKIPEDIA

Cape Leeuwin  is the most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continent, in the state of Western Australia.
A few small islands and rocks, the St Alouarn Islands, extend further to the south. The nearest settlement, north of the cape, is Augutas. South-east of Cape Leeuwin, the coast of Western Australia goes much further south. Located on headland of the cape is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and the buildings that were used by the lighthouse keepers.
In Australia, the Cape is considered the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean; however most other nations and bodies consider the Southern Ocean to only exist south of 60°S

Referring to friend's photograph, created this water colour painting. Used Indian artists quality camel 
water colour tubes. Will be doing more in this series.

water colour painting of cape leeuwin by manju panchal

Seascape at Cape Leeuwin
Watercolour on Indian handmade paper
Size 7" X 9"

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