Friday 30 October 2015

Drawing and Sketching a tree - Students work

Some tree sketchings done by a student during a ONE DAY WORKSHOP during which the student learnt the use of charcoal pencil and white pastel pencil on grey paper. The works are done on hand made paper and Canson Mi teintes paper

Canson Mi Teintes comes in many different colours and pastel or charcoal pencil work good on it. It is a good exercise for " Tonal value study". This is the third workshop attended by the same student who has previously come for soft pastel and charcoal workshop too.

Tree sketching by a student during an art workshop conducted by Manju Panchal

Tree sketching by a student during an art workshop conducted by Manju Panchal

Two tree trunk sketchings
done by a student during a workshop

Art workshops are fun. I get to interact with people who are passionate about art. I teach the simple techniques which I have learnt myself over a period of time by experimenting and exploring and doing my own kind of research. It has been a journey of rediscovering myself. 

Art workshop brings people of all age groups together and the passion speaks for itself. The work of each participant is different and unique because they think differently, apply the strokes in a unique manner and that is really so important for me. An art workshop infuses new energy in all of us and we all get so motivated and inspired. I teach or rather I should say " When I teach, I learn." The language of ART is universal. I see that in all my workshops where people meet and talk a lot about their work, their passion and share their ideas.

Sometimes I revisit my older posts in my blog. I started on tree sketchings last year in order to understand the tree anatomy better as I was planning to get into landscape paintings.
Given below are the links to my two old works.

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