Monday 14 September 2015

Three steps to creating a charcoal study work ( Travel sketch book )

As mentioned in my earlier posts I am regularly creating small study sketches in
charcoal medium. This time around I decided to share it on my blog. I have put three images
of my charcoal sketch which were taken as the sketching progressed.

The size is 4" X 5", paper used is Canson c a grain and the subject chosen is my all time favourite "Tree Trunk"

Three steps to creating a small charcoal study work on canson paper by Manju Panchal

Three steps to creating a Charcoal study work

In the first image I have rubbed the willow charcoal by laying it flat on the paper and then using my finger I spread it uniformly all over to create a mid tone grey value. Then using a Camel soft charcoal pencil I created faint outline of the basic shape of the tree trunk.

In the second image, I added shadows on the tree trunk and lifted charcoal from certain areas to create highlights. I also used the kneaded eraser to create few leaves.

In the final image I added a few details on the tree trunk and added more foliage on the tree using scumbling effect as created by Camel pencil. The leaves receiving the light from left, were created by lifting out the charcoal using kneaded eraser.

The tools used to create the above sketching.

How to use the kneaded eraser? Watch the VIDEO
Courtesy : Youtube

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