Saturday 19 September 2015

Strathmore 200 series drawing paper

One of my close artist friends has used the Strathmore series for her art work and she recommended me to use some of the papers created by this brand.

Therefore I started with a small charcoal painting on the Strathmore 200 series drawing paper.
It is a pad with 40 acid free white sheets in it.

Strathmore 200 series drawing paper.

Strathmore 200 series drawing paper

The subject I selected is a beautiful, quiet morning scene from Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which we visited some years back. The still waters with reflections of the trees and bushes made for a great composition. Before starting on the charcoal painting, I cropped the photograph that I used in order to get a better composition. In this particular photo the horizon line was running through the centre. So I decided to keep more of the sky with the trees on either side.

Charcoal sketching/painting of a landscape from Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary by Manju Panchal. Fine artist from India

Charcoal sketching on Strathmore paper.
Size 5.5" X 7"

After having used Canson c a grain and Fabriano Academia, I was quite settled for my choice of paper. However after using Strathmore, I am quite positive about using it in future too. This paper has a very smooth texture and the charcoal fixes pretty easily on to the paper. The blending and scumbling too was quite a pleasure. In all I find this paper very satisfying.

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