Friday, 15 May 2015

Painting a waterfall in charcoal

This particular painting of waterfall in charcoal medium was done by me quite some time back but I had framed it behind the glass leaving no space in between. At that moment of time I was unaware about the right framing technique. But now I know that it is best to keep space between the painting and glass. Therefore I opened up the frame, managed to take a close up photograph and now I will be framing it with off white mountboard around it. 

It is a lot of hard work to reframe a painting but framing a painting the right way enhances its look manifold.Moreover for the durability of the art work ( to avoid fungus and deterioration over a period of time ) one has to follow the right technique. As I paint and sketch everyday, I get to learn lessons. About framing, about the right composition in a painting and about so many other aspects with respect to art. 

charcoal painting of a waterfall by Manju Panchal

The waterfall
Charcoal painting on Canson paper
Size 11" x 18"

A beautiful Quote that I came across recently,

"Three things you can't recover in life:
The word after it is said,
The moment after it is missed,
and the time after it is gone."

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