Sunday 17 May 2015

Centai Kok - White sandy beach of Langkawi

Given below is a small study work done in soft pastels on red coloured Canson paper. The beach is Centai Kok from Langkawi, Malaysia. Langkawi island is in the north west of Peninsular Malaysia and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We visited almost all the beaches on the island as we had hired a car and that made it very easy for us.

Instead of the normal black or dark brown coloured paper, this time I chose a red coloured paper to see its effect on the overall painting. Little red of the paper shows through in the painting and I feel its ok as it adds a little warmth at places. Overall I feel using a complementary colour at times is not a bad idea.

Original painting of a scene from Centai kok, a beach at Langkawi, done in soft pastels by Manju Panchal

White sandy beach
Soft pastel painting on Red Canson paper
Size 6" x 9"

Painting a beach scene has been a different experience altogether as now I have the sky element which in turn will have clouds. Must try out more such compositions where a major part is sky.

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