Monday 18 May 2015

Framing of my pastel paintings

Every artist follows a particular pattern of framing his or her works. What works best to enhance the beauty of the painting matters the most. I decided to keep an off white mountboard around the art work before framing it under the glass.

The frame used is mostly vandyke brown coloured fibreboard frame, the thickness of which depends on the size of my painting. These frames are lightweight and very durable and I know this from experience as I have been using them for years now. For my charcoal works I have replaced the brown frames with the black ones.

Given below is the image of three of my framed paintings, all done in soft pastel medium.

framing of original soft pastel paintings by Manju Panchal using offwhite matt board and fibreboard frame.

Framed soft pastel painitngs

For my future art works I would love to experiment with directly framing the painting under glass ie by providing a spacer between the painting and the glass. With a spacer in between the pastel particles will fall below and the painting will not touch the glass. 

My paintings can also be seen on my facebook page

I have also become a member of Fine art America and my paintings are on the page

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