Saturday 4 April 2015

New addition in my soft pastel collection - CAMEL pastels

In one of my recent soft pastel workshop a student happened to bring her CAMEL soft pastel set
which has 20 different soft pastel colours. A few colours drew my attention ie Navy blue, the Vandyke brown, the greens and once again I could not resist buying this set too. I think most artists go through this dilemma, to buy or not to buy. Eventually we give in to our temptation.
The art materials keep growing and sometimes I feel that a limited palette saves a lot of confusion.

May be in one of my next landscape paintings I will try picking up a few colours which are actually going to be used to create the work and will keep my main palette aside. Because some pastels become all time favourite and then it so happens that I am mostly using the same greens and the blues etc.

Camel soft pastels ( twenty colours )

Camel Soft Pastels ( Made in India )

Camel soft pastels ( twenty colours )

The twenty soft pastels in the collection.

Camel soft pastels

The three colours I particularly liked a lot.

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