Tuesday 31 March 2015

Checking out a new textured paper for charcoal works

I am always on a lookout for a new paper. Some new textures, which will get a different effect
when charcoal pencil moves on it. Last time I was in town, I had picked up some coloured sheets with a very different texture as compared to Canson c a grain and Fabriano Academia sheet.

When the paper is new, I normally try out something small so that I get the feel of the paper and I try all my charcoal pencils on it to judge the best one that goes on it. For this one as below, PRIMO pencil was too harsh and did not go well but Conte Charcoal pencil worked fine. I also used chunky charcoal piece and white pastel pencil.

It is "Trial and Error" that teaches me best. Since this was an experimental work, I just took a reference from google and spent roughly about forty five minutes on it. But working on it has given me a fair idea as to when I create a bigger sized work, then which pencil I will use and what technique I will follow to get the best results.

Charcoal and pastel painting of a tree trunk on toned paper by Manju Panchal

"Tree trunk" Study work on a new paper

My soft pastel landscape works are in progress but I also intend creating some charcoal works and that is precisely the reason as to why I take out little time for checking out something new and different. 

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