Sunday 12 April 2015

From the past - Acrylic painting on canvas

Recently found prints of some of my old portrait works which I did for my 2006 Leela Gallerie Exhibition. These works are sold. I used Camel acrylic paint tubes for creating these beautiful faces on 6" x 6" canvas. 

Later I went on to do still life paintings from live objects to get a better understanding of colours and values. Presently I am engaged in my landscape works and am developing my own technique and style, hence even though I get very tempted to other subjects, I restrain myself from doing so as I need to do a lot more landscapes or rather nature works which will be my concept in my upcoming exhibition in May this year.

Prints of portraits done using acrylic paints. By Manju Panchal

6" x 6" Portrait Paintings on canvas.

While painting the above portraits I used the acrylic paints in diluted form ie quite in water colour way. A lot of glazing technique was used. 

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