Monday 7 July 2014

An old work done using charcoals by Manju Panchal

Charcaol portrait done in the past

Years back when I was new to charcoal I did lot of portrait studies. Back then I was not knowing about any other paper except SCHOLAR drawing paper. The pencil used was AMBASSADOR brand which is just not available in any store now. Posting below one of my old works where I have done lot of details and have used a reference photograph for the same.

Charcoal painting using a reference photograph by Manju Panchal

Portrait done in charcoal
on SCHOLAR drawing paper

Back then I was using just one technique and was not ready for experimenting something new and challenging. That was my learning stage. Today with years of experience I feel I am ready for trying out new things with respect to art materials and my techniques too. Change is so important and it adds new zest to an otherwise mundane life.

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